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Dinesh Sharma believes in the importance of community and has achieved multiple awards volunteering and working in community work. Dinesh Sharma has mentored, helped at the St.John ambulance and more and he will forever believe that with a healthy and community, you can achieve anything.

Certificate of Appreciation Dinesh Sharma TLI 04DEC21 (1).png

Human Resources Professionals Association Peel Chapter

As a Senior Human Resources Professional, from 2009-2012 he served on the Peel Chapter of Human Resources Association of Ontario as their Government Relations Director and Membership Director.  During this period, he was instrumental in getting the HR Profession regulated from the Ontario Government.  


The Executive Committee of St. John Ambulance Brampton Branch

While continuing to mentor the newcomers to Canada and students of various community colleges, Dinesh realized that there is a larger need in the various community organizations serving the needs of the community.  After researching various organizations for the work they were doing, Dinesh finally joined St. John Ambulance, Brampton Branch as one of their Executive Board Member.  He served on the Board of that Branch for a number of years and was involved in many community programs like "Red Nose".


The Mentoring Partnership

Immediately after landing in Canada, Dinesh realized that Mentorship plays an important role in Newcomer settlement in Canada.  Accordingly, after he was settled down a bit in Canada, starting 2005, he started mentoring newcomer to Canada as well as Human Resources students of Sheridan College & Humber College and was awarded a Mentorship Appreciation.


Priority Vote of Thanks

A Priory Vote of Thanks (PVOT) is a National Award, bearing the Seal of The Order and signed by the GG as Prior of the Order in Canada and by the Chancellor. The PVOT is an expression of gratitude in recognition of exemplary, dedicated service, assistance or support to the Order of St.

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