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First of all, on behalf of the entire organizing team, I would like to sincerely thank you for joining us today and participating in the first-ever, Can You Speak: National Speaking Symposium. Without you, the execution of such a successful event would not have been possible. 

The team loved meeting you, working with you and listening to all of the wisdom and experience you had to share with us! It was such an honour to have you spend your Saturday with us (especially on a long weekend)! We understand how busy you must be and are truly so thankful for your commitment.

The attendees and the team had nothing but wonderful things to say about you and what you taught them. I am genuinely amazed at how supportive the Toastmasters community is in helping students. In terms of specific feedback, all of the comments we have received so far have been positive. The attendees loved the enthusiasm and passion that was clearly shining through from what you were teaching, and the overall level of engagement and the interactive portion was great! Our team is meeting next week to reflect on the event, so if there is any other feedback that I receive, I will let you know. 

As we hope to make next year’s event even more successful, please know that your time and effort with our team was vital in setting the foundation for years to come for this event. We sincerely appreciate your generosity!

I hope that you enjoyed the event and that we have more opportunities to work with you in the future.

—  Ifra Masood

Dinesh Sharma is an HR professional who believes in bringing about change in peoples' lives by leveraging his contacts and networks and finding job opportunities for them. A few months ago he started a networking group, bringing together job seekers and subject matter experts/speakers in the hope of providing good job search information and strategies to help individuals cope in this COVID era and beyond. He has succeeded because the number of people signing up for these sessions is increasing week by week. I know that his drive and passion will help him exceed his goals for his business and I wish him well.


—  Brenda Fernandes, HR & Career Management at Right Outplacement/The People Shoppe.

Thank you Dinesh... I will be sharing my story here in a while which will certainly motivate and benefit this group... But in a nutshell... It's been little more than a year between struggling.. Losing hope.. Having thoughts of moving back to my home country.. Covid.. No Canadian experience.. Etc.. That I eventually landed a job.. And it's been a fruitful 2 months already.. And this group as well as you played an integral part of motivation..


—  Dominic Gardner, Supply Chain Manager.

Dinesh was my mentor when I came to Canada and was exploring career options. I found Dinesh to be extremely accessible and very supportive. He was willing to extend himself and be available to provide whatever guidance and support he could. In my job search and during my interviews, I found his advice both timely and extremely helpful as I navigated the recruitment process

—  Salman Kureishy, Program Director-Professional & Business Studies, University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies

Dinesh was a valued member of our Board of Directors of St. John Ambulance Brampton Branch. As the Branch Manager I was able to work with many dynamic individuals and Dinesh was one of them. He volunteered his time and took an active interest in the organization. Some board members just show up. Dinesh took a greater interest not only in the workings of the board, but wanted to understand and know how the volunteer part of the organization worked. He would appear on his own time at various events and it was greatly appreciated. He was a very positive and upbeat individual who brought a good balance of skills to our organization.


—  Richard Anderson, Executive Director at Smart Serve Ontario.

Dinesh has provided me with immense guidance and insights in the field of Human Resources. His innate ability to direct, motivate and convey a cohesive message has allowed our Membership Portfolio to gain recognition and increase overall engagement of members to the HRPA Peel organization. Dinesh is a pleasure to work with and has played a strong mentorship role for me within the field of HR.

—  Anita Bradica, CHRL, Human Resources -Canada at Evoqua Water Technologies

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