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Assisting Others

Reach Their Potential




Dinesh is a Relationship Builder and a Change Agent.  As a Human Resources Leader, with more than 25 years of global corporate experience, Dinesh has worked both in North America and India. 

One of Dinesh’s benchmarks of success his community work. He believes in lifelong learning and sharing his knowledge with other professionals in the industry.  He has helped a number of skilled immigrants settle down in the country. The work Dinesh does in the community has earned him the recognition of an emerging community leader.  He has been awarded numerous awards for his work.


SUS Talent Management

Based in Ontario, Canada – SUS Talent offers both a full-service human-resource center serving companies throughout Ontario as well as experienced coaches and assessment professionals to job seekers.



Brilliant Minds Group

Collaborations, Connections, and  Community

Brilliant Minds Group is a not-for-profit organization caring for the social-economic well-being of the newcomers. Providing pre-arrival to post-arrival assistance and support to newcomers to make their transition and settlement smoother. 



The attendees and the team had nothing but wonderful things to say about you and what you taught them. I am genuinely amazed at how supportive the Toastmasters community is in helping students. In terms of specific feedback, all of the comments we have received so far have been positive. The attendees loved the enthusiasm and passion that was clearly shining through from what you were teaching, and the overall level of engagement and the interactive portion was great! Our team is meeting next week to reflect on the event, so if there is any other feedback that I receive, I will let you know. 


—  Ifra Masood

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