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In North America, networking plays a very important role in anything you want to achieve. Generally speaking, 80% of the work is done through networking. However, Networking is like a bank account, where you open an account for future transactions. It is another term for Relationship Building. It is a Give and Take. You Give first before you receive something in return. Also if you try to take more than what you have given, you become a “Red Circle”. Dinesh is considered one of the biggest Relationship Builder in the industry. He regularly conducts sessions on “Tools for Building Relationship”.

Resume Building

The Goal of a Resume is to get you an Interview with the prospective employer. The resume is the first impression that an employer gets for a prospective candidate. As an HR Professionals with more than 25 year experience in the industry, Dinesh has seen thousands of resumes, some very well written and others not very well written. There are some proper skills on how to write a proper resume which attracts employer attention. Dinesh has helped many of his clients in creating a resume that will stand out in the current Employer Market and will result in an interview for the candidate.

Interview Preparation

Once a candidate has received an interview call from an employer, the next step of the Hiring Process starts. Dinesh has a big tool kit of the resources that if used properly, the candidates can convert the interview into a job offer, which is the intent of the interview. As an HR Professional, Dinesh has seen candidates making some of the basic mistakes, which ultimately results in them not getting the second or the 3rd interview or in some cases cost them the job offer. Dinesh helps the individuals prepare for the Interview by one-to-one interview preparation and also doing the group mock interviews.

Career Coaching

Those were the old days when an employee will join an organization and will spend their entire life working at the same organizations. The Millennium have seen their parents working long hours in their job to make both ends meet and then getting laid off from their work, when economic situations becomes challenging. The Millennium have seen that there is no employer loyalty towards the employee. In the current scenario, an individual does a 3 to 5 career changes in their professional life. More importantly, the average span for an individual in a role is maximum of 5 years. As an HR Professional with extensive industry experience, Dinesh works with the candidates to help them understand the “Right Fit” career for an individual.

Relationship Coaching

Our Biggest Asset in life is not our Bank Balance. Our Biggest Asset in life is our Relationship Balance. Many studies have proven that person with good relationship lives a much healthier and happier life. Also what a person with good relationship skills can achieve with one phone call, others can not achieve it by thousands of dollars. Dinesh is a Relationship Builder. He helps people understand the importance of building effective relationship both personal and professional.

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