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Building Your Career

As a HR Professional and an Immigrant, very passionate about Immigrant Inclusion and Community Development, I am always looking at different opportunities to give back to Immigrant Community. Building "Brilliant Minds Group" is one such initiative.

I have been in India for the last one week taking care of a family situation. Reflecting on during this time, I have been thinking what else I can do. Starting today I am going to start a series titled "Let us Talk Tuesday". Every Tuesday, I will share five (5) strategies on "Building Your Career", that have worked for me.

So here are Today's edition of "Let Us Talk Tuesday" on "Building Your Career".

1. Create Your Own Path - "Be Different from Others"

2. Be True to Who You are - "Find Out What Your Strengths Are"

3. Want It Bad Enough - "Be Passionate about What you Want"

4. Be Creative - "Creativity has no limit and does not need formal education"

5. Have Fun - "We all deserve to have fun - Thodi masti to Banti Hai"

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