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TGIF - Thank God It's Friday!!! Week #3 in India

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Collaborations bring amazing results in challenging situations!!!

This is week # 3 of my stay in India.

Just like COVID-19 vaccine coming in as a ray of hope, this week started with developments that brought light to the end of the tunnel.

By mid week, we started stabilizing to the "New Normal". Here are my 3 Life Lessons, as I leave India on Saturday to fly back to Toronto.

1. Togetherness brings major results-Not only my immediate family but extended family jumped in to bring a "New Normal" solution to the current situation. That made me believe "Humanity still exists".

2. Keep Calm in the storm & you will achieve a larger than life role. In addition to handling this challenging situation, we were able to explore other larger than life projects in India.

3. Children don't do what the parents say they do but they do what they see their parent do. Our son often complained that I don't spend enough family time is telling " Mumma Papa I am proud of you the way you are handling the current situation".

Now heading back to Toronto to work on larger than life project

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