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5 Strategies for Building Your Career as well as Your Life

5 strategies for Building Your Career as well as Your Life

1. Develop Coping Mechanism - Life throw unpredictable situations at you every now and then. Your Response to an event will decide the outcome. So Develop a coping mechanism.

2. Think Long-term - While building your career think on a Long term basis where do you see yourself in 5 years or may be in 10 years. Then work backward on what skills and abilities you need to acquire to be where you want to be.

3. Help Others - Always look at opportunities of helping others. My personal belief is if you help others, you don't have to look for help for yourself. It supernaturally arrives to you.

4. Use Your Fear as Motivation - A little bit of fear is always good as it stretch you to come out of your comfort zone. Use Fear as Motivation.

5. Be a Life-Long Learner - Be a Life-long learner. Always use the analogy that running water is always fresh and stranded water start smelling.

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